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Brio Quartet is an Israel-based ensemble with a unique sound that combines original melodies inspired by traditional Persian, Middle-Eastern, and Indian music, with a mix of jazz and modern harmonies. As the only ensemble that features a Persian tar with a standard rhythm section, Brio Quartet creates a distinct sound and adds new color to the jazz and world music scenes. The group often arranges its original pieces together, creating a perfect blend which highlights each player’s instrument and skills.

The band’s members are all accomplished musicians, having studied in leading conservatories and music programs in the US and Israel, and performing in festivals and venues around the world. The band, which formed in 2016, includes Roee Lauterbach (Piano), Itai Armon (Persian tar, flute), Assaf Hakimi (Bass), and Regev Ashkenazi (Drums). Brio Quartet released its debut album of original music in April 2019 and is working on its second album, which will be released in 2024.

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